Cardiac Death Rates In India Upsurges by 34% in last 15 years

Men with chest pain - heart attack

While in the United States, there is a 14% decline in death rates from cardiovascular diseases from 1990 to 2016, in India the scenario is just the opposite .There is a sharp rise of 34% in cardiac death rates in the last 15 years.

Nearly 20 among 100 adults aged above 30 years in urban Bengal and Kerala may experience fatal or non-fatal heart attacks, strokes or other serious cardiovascular events, the country’s largest cardiovascular disease mapping exercise has revealed.

According to a medical journal,  smoking was more prevalent in poorer households and rural areas, while body mass index, high blood glucose and blood sugar increased the CVD risk among urban and wealthy households.

Among the multiple risk factors contributing to serious CVD events, smoking was most prevalent among men in the northeastern states – Mizoram (72 per cent), Manipur and Meghalaya (60 per cent) – and Bengal (49 per cent).

Measures like healthy lifestyle, quit on smoking, minimising alchohol intake , etc if followed might bring a decline in the population’s alarming CVD death rate.  The current findings could also serve as baseline figures and similar mapping exercises, done every four or five years, could help states to track their progress in addressing CVD risks over time.