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Abhishek Banerjee accuses Suvendu Adhikary for indulging corruption

by Kolkata Today

TMC MP Abhishek  Banerjee addressed a mega rally at Kanthi,East Midnapore. From the rally he targeted Suvendu Adhikari, who left TMC months back. Targeting him and Bhartiya Janta party, Abhishek  said,”Mirjafar’s Jamanat will be ceased. This is land of protest of Netai, Nandigram. Medinipur can’t surrender or get down to any one. Medinipur has done many things for protest in Nandigram, Netai”.

Abhishek  further said,” Our fight is not against a person. Our fight is against them who calmatisesd Medinipur. This is Mataganini Hazra’s  land. You should give reply to traitors. You should throw the traitor who sold Medinipur to Delhi. Shantikunj is 5km away from here. Shout loud so that the house shakes. People should give reply to them. This is iswar Chandra Vidyasagar’s land. Those who vandalised Vidyasagar statue in Kolkata, he joined them”.

Abhisek added,”Medinipur people has never mortgage their backbone. This is land of protest. They don’t seel backbone. Matangini hazra was followers of Gandhiji. But Shyama Prasad Mukherjee said, that Bharat Charo Andolon was a violence. You must not their fight for country go in vain. tmc will beat BJP by getting 250+ vote. You vote for all 16 seats for Trinamool Congress. Hero of nandigram is trying to fool people. You people must not fall in their trap. They shows fake dream. Don’t believe in BJP. I challenge that TMC will win by 50 thousands vote in Nandigram”.

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