Home Business This American aircraft can do nuclear attack anywhere in the world, radar cannot catch it

This American aircraft can do nuclear attack anywhere in the world, radar cannot catch it

American aircraft can do nuclear attack

by Soumadeep Bagchi
American aircraft can do nuclear attack

America has designed a new bomber aircraft to deal with the future challenge from China. Its name is B-21 Rider. The range of the aircraft is so high that it can attack anywhere in the world.

Stealth planes of the US Air Force have added another plane to the fleet. Its name is B-21 Rider. With the help of this bomber aircraft, America can launch a nuclear attack on any country in the world. Such a radar that can catch this plane has not yet been made.

It is the first new bomber aircraft built for the US military in three decades. There is a dispute between the US and China on many issues including Taiwan. Seeing the speed with which China is increasing its military capability, America is also preparing. The B-21 Rider has been designed keeping in mind the possibility of a military conflict with China in the future.

The contract was finalized seven years ago by the US government to develop this aircraft. After this all the important information related to the aircraft was kept secret. The B-21 Ryder is made by the American company Northrop Grumman. Regarding the aircraft, the company said that it can carry out accurate attacks anywhere in the world. It is also capable of penetrating strong air defense systems.

It will cost 750 million dollars to make an aircraft
It is not yet clear that how much has been spent in making the B-21 Rider aircraft. It is estimated to cost more than $750 million per aircraft. America’s defense budget is the highest in the world. America’s defense budget for 2022 is $722 billion.

Why is B-21 rider special
The B-21 Raider aircraft is similar in size to the B-2. It is built on the ‘flying wing’ design. B-21 can attack at long range. It has the ability to refuel in the air itself. It is capable of firing both conventional and nuclear warheads around the world. The US Air Force plans to buy more than 100 B-21 aircraft to replace B-1 and B-2 bombers.

Northrop calls the B-21 Raider a sixth-generation aircraft. It will be able to connect to other aircraft and easily update its systems to fire future weapons. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has said that the most advanced coatings have been done to protect the B-21 Rider from being caught by radar. Even the most modern air defense systems would struggle to detect it.

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