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Anubrato Mondal attacks PM Narendra Modi at Labpur Rally

by Kolkata Today

Anubrata Mondal addressed at a rally in Labpur  of Birbhum. From the rally, Birbhum TMC heavyweight Leader took a dig at prime minister Narendra Modi. While addressing the rally, Anubrata Mondal said,” Yesterday the union budget was announced. In various sectors, funds have been decreased. In 100 days work project, the fund has been decreased. Why Prime Minister is silent on this? He stopped mid day meal. You have never helped normal people. Prime minister also decreased funds in education sector”.

In his stern speech against Prime Minister, Birbhum Trinamool Congress President Anubrata Mondal termed Prime Minister as useless. He used some derogative and disrespectful language towards Prime Minister as well.

Anubrata Mondal added, “During this time, leaf falls from tree. Like that whoever leaving the party, it doesn’t matter for us. Let them go. They are selling LIC. They had decreased the subsidy in education. They assured of 15 lakh rupees before vote, but nothing was given. Narendra Modi should be ashamed of himsely”.

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