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Are you also not able to sleep at night? Cause none of these 4 is 1

Vidur Niti

by Gurpreet

Vidur Niti: Some people do not sleep at night. There can be many reasons for this. There can be some disease and some problem too. Many reasons for not getting sleep have been told in our religious texts, these things are relevant even today.

The Mahabharata is one of the major texts of Hinduism. Vidur Niti is also included in this book. Vidur Niti is a collection of sayings by Mahatma Vidur to King Dhritarashtra. When the war was decided between Kauravas and Pandavas, Mahatma Vidur explained these things to King Dhritarashtra with the desire to stop the war. Mahatma Vidur has also told in one of his policy that what are those 4 reasons, due to which any sleep can fly away. Today we are telling you about 4 such reasons.

The accused are strong, weak and weak.
हर्तस्वं कामिनं चोरमविशंति प्रजागरः।
That is, the one who has enmity with the strong, the one whose everything has been snatched away, the lustful and the thief, all these four suffer from sleeplessness at night.

1. Whose enemy is strong
According to Mahatma Vidur, when a person’s enemy is very powerful, the fear of him haunts him day and night. While eating, drinking, getting up and sitting, he is only afraid that the enemy may attack from somewhere. This fear also gives him sleepless nights. To avoid such a situation, try not to have enmity with anyone, be friendly with everyone.

2. Whose property has been looted by someone
The person whose wealth is looted or taken by force, such people also do not sleep. The longing to get his property remains in his mind day and night. This longing also gives him sleepless nights. He does not sleep until he regains his wealth. But for this one should wait for the right opportunity to come and not spend sleepless nights.

3. One who has lust in his mind
According to Acharya Vidur, when the feeling of lust arises in a person’s mind, he becomes restless. He is always looking for ways to pacify his sex drive. Such people also become very dangerous. Their sleepless nights disappear. To avoid such a situation, it is very important to have control over your mind, otherwise these people take wrong steps.

4. One who has a thief in mind
A person who has any bad feelings towards others or has a desire to get a particular thing, also has sleepless nights. That person all the time lives only in this jugaad that by whatever means his wishes are fulfilled. To fulfill his desire, he is always planning some or the other and is unable to sleep, so such expressions should be avoided.

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