Home Latest News Arvind Kejriwal Wins Trust Vote In Delhi Assembly, With Support Of 54 AAP MLAs

Arvind Kejriwal Wins Trust Vote In Delhi Assembly, With Support Of 54 AAP MLAs

Arvind Kejriwal Wins Trust

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Arvind Kejriwal Wins Trust Vote In Delhi Assembly, With Support Of 54 AAP MLAs

Not A Single AAP MLA Defected During Trust Vote

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government led by Arvind Kejriwal won a trust vote in the Delhi Assembly, one that he moved during the Budget session on Saturday. A total of 54 of 62 AAP MLAs were present during voting. Said Kejriwal, no AAP MLAs were defected. “Two MLAs are in jail, some unwell and some out of station,” he said. The Delhi chief minister added that though the AAP government has a majority in the House, it still needed to bring the confidence motion because the BJP was “trying to poach party MLAs and topple his government.”

Arvind Kejriwal alleged that several of his party MLAs have informed him how they were contacted and offered money to switch sides by “BJP people”, as per a report in news agency, PTI. He said that the BJP thinks it can finish off the AAP by arresting him. “You may arrest me but how will you finish Kejriwal’s thoughts?” he questioned.

While addressing the House, the Delhi chief minister pointed out that AAP is the biggest challenger to the BJP and that is why it is under attack from all sides.

“The way they (BJP) have attacked the AAP and arrested our ministers, people across the country are aware of. They think that people are fools, but they are not. Now discussions are being held in parks where the people are asking one another ‘does PM Modi want to crush Arvind Kejriwal?’ Even children are asking this question because they have arrested so many of our ministers,” said Kejriwal.

He alleged that the BJP is obstructing the work of his government by controlling the services department and the bureaucracy. “They claim to be Ram bhakts but they have stopped medicines for poor people in our hospitals. Did Lord Ram ask to stop medicines for the poor people?” Kejriwal was quoted as asking.

Arvind Kejriwal Appeared Before ED Via Video Conferencing

The trust vote in the Delhi assembly comes on a day when Kejriwal appeared via video conferencing before the Rouse Avenue Court following a complaint by the Directorate of Enforcement (ED) over his alleged non-compliance with its repeated summons.

Arvind Kejriwal appeared virtually and informed the court that he wanted to join the court proceedings physically but was unable do so owing to the confidence motion and Budget sessions.

“Today I wanted to come (to the court) but then the confidence motion came. Also, the budget session (of the assembly is ongoing. It will go on till March 1. So please give any date after that,” he said.

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