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BJP has destroyed India- Mamata Banerjee

by Kolkata Today

West Bengal Chief Minister  Mamata Banerjee continued her attack on Bhartiya Janta Party . She attended a meeting with Scheduled tribe and schedule caste leaders. While addressing from the meeting, Mamata Banerjee said that her Bengal government has done his best to help people of Bengal. She also targeted BJP for destroying India.

Mamata Banerjee said,” BJP has destroyed the country. Now they are aiming to destroy West Bengal as well. They only show false dream to people of Bengal of Sonar Bangla. They don’t do development but comes first when it’s about spreading false information against us. We did very well in combating Aamphan and it’s shock. We gave relief to everywhere, but for one or two people, our government is been criticised”.

Mamata Banerjee added,” BJP has sold the country. They should first look at their own self before aiming for coming in Bengal. Central government should first repeal the citizenship act as it’s a big threat for Indian. I am saying TMC Congress will not be beaten by them. Trinamool Congress’s substitute is a better Trinamool Congress. No one else”.

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