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Bratya Bose slams BJP on Matua citizenship issues

by Kolkata Today

Trinamool Congress MLA and State Minister Bratya Bose lashes out at Bhartiya Janta party on selfishness issue. Bratya Basu speaking on the track of Mamata Banerjee said at Trinamool Bhavan , “Bjp can spare money for chartered flight. Those chartered flight were given to new commer MLAs. But they can’t help the migrant workers during the Covid 19 crisis period. This is there real image”.

Bratya Basu added,” BJP is trying to cheat Matua community. They also tried to mislead tribals. They are trying to show them fake dreams and promises. They failed to implement NRC, CAA. They tried to mislead people. Many people from Assam were denied citizenship. It’s good that they failed to implement the NRC,CAA”.

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