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CBI visit Abhishek’s house to interrogate wife Rujira

by Soumadeep Bagchi

The Central Bureau of Investigation on Tuesday inrerrogated Abhishek Banerjee’s wife Rujira Banerjee in the coal scam. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee arrived at Abhishek’s house just before the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) officials arrived at the Trinamool Parliament. At half past eleven, the Chief Minister’s convoy came in front of Abhishek’s house He entered the house He was at his nephew Abhishek’s house for about ten minutes It is believed that the Chief Minister went to meet Abhishek and his wife to boost their morale.

Sources said that there are a total of 9 people in Santiniketan, including a lawyer, to interrogate Rujira. The six-member Special Investigation Team (SIT) set up by the CBI to interrogate the MP’s wife includes three lawyers from the Legal Advisory Team. 2 of them are from Delhi and 1 from Kolkata. There are 6 CBI officers headed by Additional Superintendent. Among them 2 are women. An 8-page question paper has also been prepared. Sources also said that a video of Rujira’s statement will be recorded.

On Sunday, the CBI sent a notice to Rujira under Section 180 of the Criminal Code. On that day, a team of detectives also appeared at Santiniketan. But neither Rujira nor Abhishek was at home at that time. Rujira then sent a letter to the CBI in an e-mail on Monday. He said that he will be able to meet on Tuesday between 11 am and 3 pm.

The CBI alleges that there were suspicious transactions from Abhishek’s wife’s bank account in the coal scam. They want Rujira’s statement in this regard. Central intelligence did not say exactly what allegations were made against Rujira. Instead, they said they wanted to interrogate Rujira as a ‘witness’. However, he did not understand why the Central Intelligence Agency wanted to meet him, but Rujira said in a letter that he was willing to cooperate in the investigation.

On Monday, Abhishek Banerjee’s sister-in-law Menaka Gambhir was questioned by CBI officials about financial transactions in a foreign account in the coal scam. According to sources, there have been several financial transactions in Menkar’s Bangkok account. Menka was also questioned about suspicious financial transactions in his London account. CBI officials questioned Menaka Gambhir on a number of issues, from financial transactions in foreign accounts to business. It is learned that the officers got some information from him. His statement has been recorded. The statement of Abhishek’s wife Rujira will also be recorded on Tuesday. CBI officials will then examine the two statements. If two discrepancies are found, then the next step will be taken.

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