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“CM herself called me to give quotas to TMC leaders”-Rajib Banerjee

by Kolkata Today

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has accused former Forest Minister Rajib Banerjee of corruption in the appointment of ‘Bono Sahayak’. To this Rajib Banerjee replied at a public meeting in Hooghly stating that “The Chief Minister said on the phone, give quotas to the Trinamool leaders and workers in the districts.” Rajib claimed that he had told Mamata Banerjee that one of the leaders of Birbhum wanted to recruit his own people for the post of bono sahayak . ‘From the meeting in Alipurduar, she said without naming anyone that the job of ‘Bono Sahayak’ has been manipulated. She said that she will investigate. Now I am taking the names to let , know that the appointment of this bono Sahayak was handed over to the board impartially. I told her in a message at 10 am on October 8 last year that the big leader of Birbhum was telling me that he should be given all the posts of bono sahayak.” He added,”The recommendation of the MLAs came from the TMC leaders and ministers. Recommendations have also come from Kalighat. I have taken care of all the recommendations. You are digging for earthworms. ‘
Apart from this, Rajib Banerjee reminded, ‘I have informed the Chief Minister (Mamata Banerjee) that the bono sahayak  has been appointed in the first week of November. You didn’t have a problem until January 30th. Why didn’t you kick me out of the team? I gave up.There is no top leader who were made to call by the CM. There are records of which leaders called, what they wanted to do. If I am bad, thief, corrupt! Why did the Hon’ble Chief Minister work so hard to keep me in the party? ‘

Rajib Banerjee said, ” If we are leaf of a banyan tree. If we are really so much pity person then why are they paying so much attention for us. Why are they attacking us personally. It’s because they are afraid now”.

Speaking on Election, Rajib Banerjee said, “The game has stated. Now the game will have a good fight. But we will be the ultimate winner. Tmc is losing its plot in West Bengal. So they are afraid of the Bhartiya Janta party”.

Rajib added, “Once what Trinamool Congress did, it’s now happening with them. Once they used to take leaders from other party. Now BJP is joining new commers in the party. Where was there ideology when in last they took leaders from different party?”.

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