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Controversy Erupts Over TMC MP Kalyan Banerjee’s Mimicry

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Controversy Erupts Over TMC MP Kalyan Banerjee's Mimicry

Suspended TMC MP Kalyan Banerjee’s mimicry of Jagdeep Dhankhar, Chairperson of Rajya Sabha and
the country’s Vice President has snowballed into a major controversy with Dhankhar calling the act
“shameful”. He has also questioned the Congress directly for its current state where “values have
stooped down to such low levels” as Rahul Gandhi who was present during Kalyan Banerjee’s mimicry
act was observed video graphing it. He has questioned Mallikarjun Kharge, President of the Indian
National Congress how he could afford to keep silent in such a situation. You say your party is 138 years
old. Your silence is ringing in my ears (to Mallikarjun Kharge). Kharge ji’s silence is ringing in my ears.
Everyone knows what is happening,” said Dhankhar.

He further added,” I don’t care about how much you insult Jagdeep Dhankhar. But I can’t tolerate the
insult of the Vice President of India, the farmers’ community, my community. I will not tolerate that I
could not protect the dignity of my post. It is my duty to protect the dignity of this house.” His quote
was carried on X. The Vice President made his remarks expressing shock and annoyance amidst
sloganeering by BJP MPs this morning as a show of support to Dhankhar in context with the mimicry
The Vice President has said that he was “deeply pained” by the incident and that it was an insult to the
farmers’ community that he belongs to. Several Jat organisations have protested Kalyan Banerjee’s
mimicry act and its filming to amplify the effect.
The TMC MP’s mimicry act of Jagdeep Dhankhar was caught on camera yesterday and quickly went viral
as he was protesting with other suspended MPs at Makar Dwar, one of the entry gates to the new
Parliament building. Rahul Gandhi was seen observing and filming the act.


Kalyan Banerjee, the MP in question has remarked that it was not his intention to hurt anyone, and that
mimicry is an art. He further added that since he is not a MP of Rajya Sabha, he does not know how the
Chairperson conducts proceedings in the Upper House. In the past, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has
also mimicked opposition members inside the Parliament, he added.


West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has supported her fellow party colleague solidly. She
remarked, “We respect everyone. There is no question of any disrespect. It was a casual act by the
legislator and that no one would probably know anything about it had not Rahul ji (Gandhi) filmed it.”

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