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The level of AQI in this city of China is 999, Delhi in India and Lahore in Pakistan have become the most toxic air

Delhi AQI Increased

by Gurpreet

With the onset of winter in the states of North India, smog has also started. Alam is that it is so much in the beginning that because of this, schools have been closed, then somewhere warnings have been given that do not go out without need. It has become a thing of every year in North India. With the change in weather or say with the onset of winter, the moisture or dew present in the air does not allow the toxic fumes to rise to higher altitudes. This mixture of smoke, dust and moisture comes in front of us in the form of smog. Significantly, Pakistan is the number one in the list of most polluted cities in the world. The names of cities from India, China and Sri Lanka are also included in this list.

The air of many cities of India became poisonous
According to the latest data of the World Air Quality Index, the AQI level in different cities of India is 369 in the capital Delhi, 369 in Meerut, 169 in Jaipur, 249 in Agra, 241 in Amritsar, 217 in Lucknow, 286 in Siwan, Banaras. 171 in Bhopal, 200 in Chapra, 578 in Chapra, 578 in Narela, 189 in Kanpur, 151 in Indore, 191 in Srinagar and 171 in Jodhpur. Not only the states of North India are unhappy with the smog, but the same problem exists across the borders of the country as well. Let us know how is the condition of the neighboring countries of India.

People’s breathing is flourishing in Lahore in Pakistan
The AQI level in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is 134, which is injurious to the health of certain categories of people, including older people or people suffering from asthma. Similarly, the AQI level in Lahore is 412 which is worrying. It is 177 in Peshawar and 128 in Quetta.

The air of many cities in China is not even clean
AQI level of 107 in Kashi, located in the far west of China, 38 in Lhasa, capital of Tibet, 38 in Dali, 119 in Yuxi, AQI level 999 in Yuli, 69 in Hong Kong, 85 in Dongjing, 61 in Longyan, 164 in Liazhou , 85 in Fuzhouti, 76 in Shanghai, 72 in Wuhan, 99 in Beijing, 165 in Shijiazhuang, 117 in Tianjin.

The condition of Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal and Sri Lanka
Similarly, the AQI level in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, is 163, in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu, 155 in Pokhara, 127 in Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo, 63 in Myanmar’s Rangoon.

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