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Firhad Hakim slams BJP for divisive politics

by Kolkata Today

Kolkata Municipal Corporation administrator Firhad Hakim lashes out at BJP on various issues. First of all, Firhad  Hakim showed his displeasure over BJP leaders lunch in farmers house. Later Firhad Hakim  targeted BJP and said they are trying to divide Bengal people through religious way.

Firhad Hakim said,” They are killing farmers but showing off their love for farmers. This is shameful for BJP. When Narendra Modi was wearing 4/5 sweaters, Farmers were dying. More than 200 farmers had died but still they are doing hoax and having lunch in farmers place”.

Firhad Hakim concluded,”The Rathyatra what BJP is doing, is to break communal Harmony. They divides people on religious basis. BJP is trying to do religious dividends in West Bengal for the vote, but people will not spare them”.

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