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Govt devise 7-point plan to crack down on raw jute hoarders

by Soumadeep Bagchi

To ensure smooth supply of raw jute and control of prices Jute Commissioner Moloy Chakraborty has devised a 7-point plan to start a massive anti hoarding drive across the state against raw jute traders and stockists. He has submitted the plan to the state government seeking assistance of a state agency to carry out the anti hoarding drive. In 2015 the state government had engaged the Enforcement Branch (EB) to conduct the drive. Simultaneously with the Enforcement Branch the jute commissioner’s office and local police stations will also conduct search and seizure operations on raw jute stockists who have illegally hoarded raw jute stocks at several places in the jute growing districts. The list will be provided by the jute commissioner’s office. On 14th December Kolkata High Court had ordered legal and coercive action against raw jute traders and stockists. Raw jute traders and stockists had suspended supplies from 23 November to jute mills to protest against the jute commissioner’s order of maintaining a maximum of 500 quintals of raw jute stock in their go downs. They, however, have accused the jute mill owners of hoarding the stock. According to industry estimates, traders and stockists have illegally hoarded around 23-25 lakh bales of raw jute in different go downs across the state. Until now five jute mills have closed down because of unavailability of raw jute and high raw jute prices. Around 30,000 thousand workers have lost their jobs. Raw jute prices have soared over Rs 6000/quintal. It is almost 30 percent higher than the normal price.

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