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Hanuman Ashtami 2022: Do this remedy on December 16, Hanumanji will remove all your problems

Hanuman Ashtami 2022

by Soumadeep Bagchi

Hanuman Ashtami Remedy: This time the festival of Hanuman Ashtami will be celebrated on 16 December, Friday. Pawanputra Hanuman is specially worshiped on this day. It is believed that if some special measures are taken on this day, then there will be happiness and prosperity in life.

According to religious texts, the festival of Hanuman Ashtami (Hanuman Ashtami 2022) is celebrated on the Ashtami date of the Krishna Paksha of Pausha month. This time this date is on 16th December, Friday. Although this festival is celebrated all over the country, but in Ujjain, Indore and its surrounding areas of Madhya Pradesh, there is a lot of fun in this festival. According to Ujjain’s astrologer Pt. Praveen Dwivedi, this festival is very auspicious for the worship of Hanumanji. Hanumanji gets pleased very quickly with the measures taken on this day and fulfills every wish of his devotees. Know further about some such easy measures…

Offer Chola to Hanumanji
After taking bath etc. in the morning on Hanuman Ashtami, offer a cloak with vermilion and jasmine oil on the idol of Hanumanji. During this, keep chanting Om Hanumate Namah mantra. After offering the chola, light a lamp of pure ghee in front of Hanumanji and recite Hanuman Chalisa 7 times. With this remedy your every wish can be fulfilled.

Recite Hanuman Ashtak
Hanuman Ashtak also gives auspicious results like Hanuman Chalisa. After waking up in the morning on Hanuman Ashtami, after taking bath, sit on a clean seat and recite Hanuman Ashtak. During this, the lamp of pure ghee should be kept burning. With this remedy, fear is removed and peace is experienced in the mind.

Offer garland of banyan leaves
On the morning of Hanuman Ashtami, pluck 11 leaves from the banyan tree and purify them by washing them with water. Now make a garland of these leaves by writing Shriram with red sandalwood. Offer this garland to the statue of Hanumanji and say your wish. Your wish can definitely be fulfilled in no time.

Chant mantras of Hanumanji
Wake up early in the morning of Hanuman Ashtami and take bath etc. and then worship Hanumanji. Sit in front of Hanumanji’s statue or picture and chant any one of the mantras written below for at least 11 rounds. This is the mantra-

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