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‘House of the Dragon’ Episode 7 Review Recap: Worth your Time?

Episode 7 of House of the Dragon Review

by Kolkata Today
House of the Dragon Episode 7 Review

House of the Dragon’s 7th episode opens with Daemon Targaryen doing the maximum Daemon factor he can: tittering—nay, I say giggling—at his overdue spouse’s funeral. To be certain, Daemon is a complicated character; to agree with he reveals real leisure withinside the demise of Laena Velaryon, his accomplice for the beyond 10 years, could be to misconceive his loss of etiquette. Rather, Daemon is sharp, even in grief. In House Velaryon’s eulogy for Laena, he acknowledges some now no longer-so-diffused jabs at Rhaenyra’s now no longer-so-Velaryon sons. His eyes sweep over Jace and Luke’s brunette bowl cuts, then over the scornful eyes of his fellow funeral guests, and he can’t assist however snicker on the open secrets and techniques swirling withinside the air round him. There’s a purpose the king’s more youthful brother by no means had a great deal flavor for politicking, although he ought to by no means pretty sate his thirst for electricity.

After Laena’s coffin is launched into the ocean surrounding Driftmark, Daemon and Rhaenyra alternate some loaded glances—oh, boy, can we recognise what’s coming—whilst Viserys asks that Daemon go back together along with his daughters to King’s Landing, in which he’s going to need for not anything. Daemon argues he needs not anything as it’s miles, brother, and besides he desires a second to accuse Otto Hightower—returned on the town as Hand of the King, following Lionel Strong’s demise closing episode—of lecherous behavior.

Meanwhile, the Velaryons are crumbling below the load in their grief. Laenor, Rhaenyra’s husband and Laena’s twin, stands waist-deep withinside the roiling ocean, his jaw slack and cheeks sunken. Rhaenys and Corlys workout the kinks in their ache with an old skool marital row: Rhaenys blames Daemon for dragging Laena to Pentos, however she additionally blames her husband for his “insatiable pride.” Corlys, amazed to listen his generally steadfast spouse criticize him, argues his pursuit of electricity is handiest to repair the crown to Rhaenys’ personal deserving head. She rolls her eyes, retorting, “It isn’t justice on your spouse that drives you; it’s miles your personal ambition.” Corlys, flipping the script of Larys Strong’s children-are-a-weak point speech from episode 6, leans ahead and whispers, “What is that this quick mortal life, if now no longer the pursuit of legacy?”

Finally, we get away this mournful debating for a long-awaited reunion—and what a union it turned into! The Daemon girlies might be dancing withinside the streets tonight, and I’m certain to be one in every of them. But in case you cheered this little dose of incest, recognise this: To borrow a line from height Tumblr…you’ll move down with this ship.

On the beaches of Driftmark, Daemon and Rhaenyra take a romantic moonlit stroll, at some point of which niece tells uncle of the fruitlessness of her sexual exploits together along with her husband. (Apparently a old fashioned subject matter of communication in Westeros.) Rhaenyra admits that she and Laenor did attempt to conceive, however “there has been no pleasure in it. I located that elsewhere.” Daemon, already crammed in at the Red Keep’s freshest gossip, offers her this kind of loaded appearance I needed to pause the episode and step away, guffawing hysterically. Matt Smith’s shipping of, “I recognize Ser Harwin turned into pretty…committed to you,” ought to be the clip that wins him his Emmy subsequent year.

Along the way, we noticed the losing of numerous narrative shoes. For one factor, Rhaenyra and Daemon sooner or later were given together, their pairing at the beach (together with the life of Daemon’s  daughters) suggesting that his overall performance problems are in the back of him for now, at least. Even extra noteworthy: They later controlled to tug off a comfy vacation spot wedding ceremony with 0 murders. (Though I’m now no longer certain why they went to the ache and problem of ceremonially blending their blood, seeing as it’s broadly speaking the identical blood.)

And all of the whilst, Rhaeynra and Daemon capture every other’s eyes from throughout the collection however do now no longer alternate a word. She’s nonetheless looking closely while Viserys procedures his brother together along with his sympathies and extends an invite for Daemon and his own circle of relatives to go back to King’s Landing. But Daemon staunchly refuses, storming away.

The tumult attracts all and sundry to the Hall of Nine, in which Viserys attempts to discern out what happened. It ought to be cited that Daemon is leaning towards a door withinside the returned, searching like he’s looking the maximum fun Muppet Babies episode ever. When Alicent factors a finger at Rhaenyra’s sons, the princess says they have been protecting themselves towards slander and slightly hesitates while she brings up the TOTALLY FAKE OMG concept that Jace and Luke aren’t valid heirs to the throne. “This is the best of treasons,” she says, doubling down. So Viserys asks his more youthful son to call the individual that instructed him that Rhaenyra’s youngsters have been now no longer additionally Laenor’s. Aemond appears at his mom however then says Aegon, who states it plainly: “We recognise, Father. EVERYONE knows. Just have a take a observe them.” Viserys ignores that, yelling at his fractious to forestall fighting, express regret and flow along. “Your father, your grandsire, your king needs it!” he shouts.

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