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Hyderabadi Businesswoman Tries to Abduct TV Anchor to Marry Him, Gets Arrested

The 31-year-old woman B. Trishna was apprehended by the police on Friday.

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A woman from India’s Hyderabad city tried to abduct a TV anchor she was obsessed with after allegedly stalking him for days. 

Woman was duped by an online impersonator.

As per Hyderabad police, B. Trishna runs a digital marketing business in Hyderabad and happened to chance upon a profile on a matrimony site. She interacted with the person for a good deal of time and only much later, came to know that it was actually a fake profile created by using the photograph of TV anchor and video jockey Pranav Sistla. 

Allegedly the impersonator had by that time extracted lakhs of rupees from Trishna by posing to be Sistla. Trishna now contacted the real Pranav and started seeking his attention which he thwarted. She kept stalking him endlessly through he had blocked her number.

She was determined to marry the TV anchor anyhow

According to the police, Trishna planned to fulfil her ambition of marrying the TV anchor by kidnapping him and even hired four men for the job. She also managed to attach an Air Tag to Pranav’s car so she could track his whereabouts continuously.

On February 11, the four hired men kidnapped the victim and took him to the woman’s office where they thrashed him badly, police said.

The TV anchor agreed to respond to the woman’s calls fearing for his life, and only then was he let off, the police added.

After being freed, Pranav went straight to the Uppal police station and filed a complaint. The case was registered under 363 (kidnapping), 341 (wrongful restraint), 342 (wrongful confinement), and relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

The accused woman and the four hired men have been arrested by the police and further investigation is underway.


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