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IPL 2023: Not 11, now 12 players will be seen playing in a cricket team!

IPL 2023 12 players

by Soumadeep Bagchi
IPL 2023 12 players

The Indian Premier League is one of the biggest leagues in the world. In which players from all over the world take part. But now a big reshuffle is going to happen in this league. Let us tell you.

You must have seen cricket or have some knowledge about it that 11 players play in a cricket team. But now player substitution can be seen in cricket like football. Yes, the Indian Cricket Board has considered implementing the concept of tactical substitution from the 16th season of IPL. But what is this tactical substitution, let us tell you.

12 players will play in a match
Yes, tactical substitution means that in a match of cricket, 12 players can be seen playing on behalf of a team. But the number of wickets will remain 10. According to this rule, there will be 11 players playing in a team. Also there will be four substitute players. You can replace any one player with a substitute player till the 14th over. The same rule applies in football as well. However, IPL is not the first league where this rule has been implemented. A similar X-factor rule is applicable in Australia’s Big Bash League. In which both the teams can include one substitute player each in the playing eleven for 10 overs of the first innings. But the player who has not bowled batting or any over can only be replaced. 16 years ago during 2005-06 there was supersub rule in ODI. Under which players could replace during the match. This rule has also been implemented in Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy.

How will the substitute rule work?
BCCI has sent a note to all the franchises to implement the tactical substitute rule. If this rule is implemented, then when the toss will happen during the IPL match, then both the teams will also have to give the names of four substitute players of their team. In the first innings of the match, both the teams can include one of their players in the playing eleven for 14 overs. But for this he has to replace another player. This decision is completely on the teams whether they can replace the player or not. But the number of wickets falling will be 10 only. That is, if a substitute player comes in place of a dismissed batsman, then any of the remaining players will have to leave the batting.

What can the substitute player do?
Now talking about the work of the substitute player, he can bat in the whole match after being a substitute. During bowling, he can field in the entire match and if he is a bowler, he can also bowl all four overs.

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