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Japan ruling coalition sweeps upper house election after Abe’s killing

by Kolkata Today

Japan’s governing party and its coalition partner have scored a sweeping victory in an upper house election held in the wake of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s assassination.

The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) won 63 seats, or more than half of the 125 seats up for grabs in Sunday’s election, local media reported on Monday.

LDP’s coalition partner Komeito won 13 seats.

Prime Minister Kishida said  he is resolved to work on amending the Constitution and other priority policy issues pursued by former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, who was shot dead last week.

Fumio Kishida was speaking to reporters on Monday after his ruling Liberal Democratic Party scored a major victory in Sunday’s Upper House election.

He said the number of seats the LDP won does not just represent a mandate that voters gave to the ruling coalition. He said he took it as the will of the people to spur the coalition to work to its full capacity to protect Japan and open up its future. He added that he has a renewed sense of responsibility.

Referring to Abe’s death, he pledged to follow the former prime minister’s wishes in tackling tough challenges such as amending the Constitution and resolving the abduction of Japanese nationals by North Korean agents.

Kishida said Japan now faces one of the most difficult times in the post-war period, and that what is needed is politics geared to an emergency situation.

He said he will re-examine and strengthen measures to cope with the coronavirus pandemic, including securing hospital beds and promoting vaccination and testing.

He pledged to push for achieving both infection prevention and revitalizing the economy.

Kishida also reiterated his intention to drastically boost Japan’s defense capabilities within five years in view of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

On amending the Constitution, Kishida cited four areas that the LDP has proposed for changes, including stipulating the existence of the Self-Defense Forces in Article 9 of the Constitution.

He said he strongly hopes that lively discussion will take place among both the ruling and opposition camps in the extraordinary Diet session in the autumn as they seek to respond to the will of the people demonstrated in the Upper House election.


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