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Kunal Ghosh Meets Babul -Suvendu at Baruipore Hotel ;Sparks Political Speculations

by Kolkata Today

TMC Spokesperson Kunal Ghosh met  BJP MP and Union Minister Babul Supryo and Suvendu Adhikary in Baruipur hotel. Kunal Ghosh and Suvendu -Babul ‘s meeting went for 45 minutes. Speculation in Kunal’s meeting with 2 BJP leaders. Just a  courtesy meeting, claims Trinamool spokesperson.

Meeting with Kunal is a coincidence, claims Babul Supriya. The BJP Asansol MP said, ‘Suddenly meeting Kunal while returning from Jayanagar. Suddenly met Kunal while eating at a hotel. It’s not political, it’s courtesy. ‘
Suvendu Adhikari also said in the same tone, ‘Suddenly I went to have tea.’ Babul-Shuvendu was returning from Kutoli  after the party meeting. Kunal Ghosh was also returning from the meeting in Canning.

The meeting of three political heavyweights at a hotel in Baruipur on Tuesday night just before ahead of upcoming polls caused a commotion in the political fraternity. Suvendu Adhikary  has left the Trinamool and joined the BJP and  criticises the ruling TMC government over the corruption issues. On the other hand, Kunal has been seen in various important roles since he became active in the grassroots camp.
All three leaders, however, said it was a courtesy meeting .But the speculation is not stopping.

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