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Mamata Banerjee slams BJP from Ranaghat rally

by Kolkata Today

Mamata Banerjee addressed a public rally at Ranaghat. She took a dig a central government’s policy. Mamata Banerjee also addressed on what development she had done in Bengal. From the mega rally, Mamata Banerjee said,” I have alloted 700 acre land for Iskcon temple. Nadia was deprived in past. But now development is there in all parts of Nadia. They will play with toys after the election. All the people here are citizens. No one will be separated. We won’t allow NRC and NPR here in Bengal.

We will give cycle to 20 lakh students. We had paid the prices of Electronic Tab in the account. 90% people had get benifit of Duare Sarkar campaign. All the nursing home should allow Sastho Sathi card and give proper treatment. Else license can also be cancelled. We will give land copy to 1.5 lakh family. We gives Rs.2 lakh to the family of deceased in Accident. There will be no refugees in West Bengal. I don’t do drama. When I go to a poor family, I eat with them. I don’t drink costly water. Center has sold everything. They are failure to solve unemployment issue. If you want to get anything for free, then vote for TMC”.

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