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Mamata Banerjee works hard for the people :Anubrata Mondal

by Kolkata Today

Anubrata Mondal addressed a rally at Nanur on Friday. Speaking on BJP’s Rathyatra Mondal said,”On the day of Rathyatra they will dance. Later I will start playing and they will watch”.

Comparing Narendra Modi with Mamata Banerjee, Anubrata said,”Mamata Banerjee works hard for the people. Mamata Banerjee thinks of poor,hungry, farmers and everyone. Narendra Modi shows lie. He speaks lie. 8 years has gone, what has he done for India? BJP has destroyed UP, Tripura and other states. But they are showing dreams to make Sonar Bangla. BJP has sold schools as well”.

Anubrata added,” Ma Mati manush’s government has done many things for Bengal. Can anyone say, There is no development in Nanur? Can you imagine of such development in Bengal within 10 years. Mamata Banerjee listen to us”.

Speaking on 34 years of rule of Left front, Anubrata Mondal said,” Left front never worked for people. They never loved people. Left front was totally corrupted.”.

Further targeting BJP, Anubrata concluded,”BJP never works for people. They don’t help unemployed. The don’t help migrants. They don’t help farmers. They only work for Adani and Ambani. They are destroying whole India. BJP supports those who steals crores of rupees. They said to catch them. But Nirav Modi and others are living happily”.

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