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PM Modi speaks with Russian President Putin on Ukrainian crisis

by Kolkata Today

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the current Ukrainian crisis, urging Putin to hold direct talks with Ukrainian President Zelensky.

This is the third time the two leaders of state have spoken about the Ukraine crisis. Prime Minister Modi spoke with President Putin for 50 minutes.


“PM Modi spoke with Russian President Putin on the phone. The phone call lasted roughly 50 minutes. They talked about the deteriorating situation in Ukraine. President Putin briefed Prime Minister Modi on the state of negotiations between the Ukrainian and Russian delegations: GoI Sources,”

Around 700 Indian students are stranded in Sumy as Russian and Ukrainian military clash.

Earlier, PM Modi discussed the ongoing confrontation between Russia and Ukraine with Zelensky. According to top government sources, PM Modi had a lengthy conversation with Ukraine’s President Zelensky this morning. The two leaders of state spoke on the phone for 35 minutes.


On March 2, Modi spoke to Putin and discussed the issue of the safe evacuation of Indians from war-torn Ukraine.

“The leaders reviewed the situation in Ukraine, especially in the city of Kharkiv where many Indian students are stuck. They discussed the safe evacuation of the Indian nationals from the conflict areas,” the Prime Minister’s office said.The phone call came on a day when the The Prime Minister of India told the people that the government will go to any length to ensure the safe evacuation of any Indians who are stranded in Ukraine.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Modi and Putin spoke on the phone on February 24.

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During the conversation, Prime Minister Modi called for an immediate cessation of violence and urged all parties to work together to return to the road of diplomatic discourse, according to a statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office.



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