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Pamela Goswami alleges Rakesh Singh for plotting against her

by Kolkata Today

Pamela Goswami alleges that Rakesh Singh conspired against her in cocaine case. Pamela was arrested after cocaine were recovered from her car. Since then, Pamela revealed that BJP leader Rakesh Singh was involved in the matter. Later Rakesh was arrested from Burdwan’s Galsi.

On Thursday, while coming at court Pamela once again alleged that Rakesh Singh has plotted against her and kept those cocaine in the car. Pamela said,”Rakesh Singh is the culprit. He has done the plotting. He put those cocaine in my car. No one else in involved in the case. Neither Kailash Vijayvargiya, nor Saumitra Khan is involved. Only Rakesh Singh is involved in this”.

Pamela added,” I am happy with the investigation process of the police. He should be punished. I knew from the first week that there is some conspiracy. Either I will be forcefully involved in arms case or cocaine case. He tried to plot against me. I had proof. He assaulted me. I was physically harrassed by him”.

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