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PM Modi’s salute to the mandate: Said- the public has created a record even in breaking the record, 100% promise of development even after the defeat in Himachal

by Soumadeep Bagchi

The BJP is forming the government in Gujarat for the 7th consecutive time. After this victory, PM Narendra Modi also reached the BJP head office in Delhi to express his gratitude to the people and workers. Addressing the workers, he said that I bow down before Janata Janardan, this mandate is overwhelming. Where the Bharatiya Janata Party did not win directly, the vote share of the BJP is a testimony to your affection.

I express my gratitude to the people of Gujarat, Himachal and Delhi. Your love was also shown in the by-elections. BJP has won in UP’s Rampur. The performance of the BJP in the Bihar elections is a reflection of the days to come.

Highlights of Modi’s address:

Gujarat’s love is unprecedented
Modi said that during the elections, I had told the people of Gujarat, this time Narendra’s record should be broken. I had promised that I will try my best to break Bhupendra Narendra’s record. People have created a new history by giving the biggest mandate in the history of Gujarat to the BJP. Despite being in government continuously for two and a half decades, such love is unprecedented. People rose above caste-class etc and voted for BJP.

youth trust our work

The PM said that there were more than one crore voters who voted in this election, who did not see the misrule of the Congress, saw only the BJP government. Young people know how to ask questions. Youth vote only when they see confidence, when they see work. By voting for the BJP, the youth have given a message that the youth have tested our work and trusted it.

want youth development schemes
Modi said- youth want development schemes of BJP. The youth neither want casteism nor familyism. The hearts of the youth can be won only through vision and development. When elections were held in Bihar amid the severe crisis of the pandemic, the people blessed the BJP. After the pandemic elections were held in all the states including UP, even then the people chose BJP. Today, when India is moving towards a developed India, then the people’s trust is on the BJP.

Build a developed India from a developed Gujarat

He said that I want to remind all the experts that a developed India can be built from a developed Gujarat. The results of Gujarat have proved that whenever there is a challenge before the country, the people have faith in the BJP. When there is a crisis in the country, the people’s trust is on the BJP. When the country sets a high target, then the people’s trust is on the BJP.

Modi, who reached here through the penance of five generations, said that we have not reached where we have reached. From the time of Jansangh, for five generations, the families of the families were consumed by doing penance. Only then have we reached here. Lakhs of dedicated workers have laid down their lives for the BJP. By sacrificing personal happiness, aspirations and happiness, the BJP worker is engaged in empowering the society and the country. BJP formulates its strategy by relying on the immense organizational power of its workers, and succeeds.

Ups and downs have come in our political life, but we have shown by sticking to ideals and values.

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