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Prime Minister Addresses The Last Sitting Of 17th Lok Sabha

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Prime Minister Addresses The Last Sitting Of 17th Lok Sabha

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on February 10 said the past five years in the country have witnessed ‘reform, perform and transform’ together. He thanked everyone, especially Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, while addressing the last sitting of the 17th Lok Sabha today. In his speech, the prime minister said in the last five years, the Lok Sabha had faced the challenge of Covid and adopted a new way of working.

Members of Parliament did not hold back from reduce their salary by 30%, and the subsidy from canteen food was also stopped. On shifting the seating to the new Parliament building, Narendra Modi recollected the establishment of the Sengol in the new building.

“Several Decisions Taken For Which Generations Had Waited.”

“During this Lok Sabha’s term, several decisions were taken for which many generations waited for several years. Article 370 was abrogated during this Lok Sabha’s term… I feel that those who drafted the Constitution would bless us for this,” said Modi.

Commenting on minimum government and maximum governance, he remarked that the government should stay away from the lives of the people and entrust the people more

The Prime Minister recounted the milestones that the 17th Lok Sabha has been a part of, from the abrogation of Article 370, to the passage of the Triple Talaq Bill.

He commented that the new Parliament building started its journey with the Women’s Reservation Bill 2023.

The Coming Years Are Very Crucial For India

“The coming 25 years are very crucial for the country. On one hand, there are political aspirations, on the other there are dreams for the country,” he said. Narendra Modi added that India is poised to be ‘Vikshit Bharat’ in the next 25 years. All over the world, there is renewed interest and palpable respect for the new India.

“Election is not far. Some people might be a little tense but this is an aspect of democracy and we accept that. The election is a pride of our democracy,” he said, commenting on the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.

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