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Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit Kerala Today

He pointed out that they are each other's enemies in Kerala but BFFs (Best Friends Forever) in other states.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit Kerala Today

On his visit to the state of Kerala today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticized the Congress and Communist parties that are making efforts to form a strong alternative against the BJP at the Centre. 

Speaking at the conclusion ceremony of the BJP state unit’s padayatra at the Central Stadium, Modi took a swipe at the opposition claiming it lacks a roadmap for the nation’s progress. Consequently, they are themselves convinced that they won’t win the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls because of which its leaders frequently take to abusing him.

The Congress accused the Communist Chief Minister (Pinarayi Vijayan) of being involved in corruption and scams and termed the Left government as fascist, said the Prime Minister.

“The Communists in response, lathi-charged the Congress workers and termed their previous administrations as being involved in various scams. However, outside Kerala, at the INDI Bloc alliance meetings, they sit together, eat samosas and biscuits and have tea,” he said, pointing out the mismatch of words and actions of both.

“Contradictory words and actions by Congress and Communists.”

“So, in Thiruvananthapuram they say one thing and in Delhi they say something else. The people of Kerala will give the befitting answer to this betrayal in the coming Lok Sabha polls,” he stated. 

Attacking the Congress, the Prime Minister, apparently referring to the Gandhi family, said the track record of the grand old party shows how it managed to keep the country under the control of one family for decades.

“For them (Congress) the interests of that one family are above that of all the other families in the country,” he alleged. He added that Communists were now displaying the same colours.

He did not shy short of making a veiled reference to Rahul Gandhi either, who represents Wayanad seat in Lok Sabha. Narendra Modi said that the Communists were now advising the Congress party to keep the ‘Yuvraj’ (prince) out of Kerala.

During his speech at the party programme, PM Modi urged Kerala’s people to bless the saffron party with seats in double digits in the forthcoming 2024 General Elections.

Narendra Modi claimed that the BJP never sees a state from the perspective of a vote bank. Kerala, for instance, has benefited from development like other BJP-ruled states over the past decade. This was apparently in response to the Communist claim that Kerala has been discriminated against by the Centre.

“Even when the BJP was not strong in Kerala, we worked day in and day out to empower Kerala. Over the past 10 years, the benefits of development have been made available to Kerala as much as by the BJP-ruled states,” the Prime Minister said.

He stressed it was his guarantee to make every possible effort to help the people of Kerala realize their dreams and expectations.

The PM stated that it was ‘Modiyude guarantee’ (Modi’s guarantee) to make India the third-largest economy in the world and eradicate poverty and corruption as well from the country.

He said despite the “constant non-cooperation by the state government, Kerala has still remained our priority.” Recounting the steps taken by the Centre for the development of Kerala, Modi said the BJP government has always associated the state as a treasure trove of India’s traditional knowledge of Ayurveda and presented as such to the world.

40,000 farmers of Kerala have received direct financial assistance through the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi. Over 50 lakh MUDRA loans have been disbursed in the state to help young entrepreneurs.

He also said several works are being done for new-generation infrastructure projects in Kerala.

“People of Kerala have new enthusiasm.”

“People of Kerala have new enthusiasm. The ‘hope’ that emerged in the hearts of the people of Kerala in 2019 has now become their ‘faith’ in 2024. In 2019, the BJP-led NDA received votes in double digits in Kerala. It seems like in 2024, Kerala has decided to give ‘seats’ in double digits,” he said. “In 2019, the talk of the town was ‘Fir Ek Baar, Modi Sarkar’; In 2024, the chant is ‘Abki Baar, 400 Paar.”

He asserted that everyone is talking across the nation about the third term of the Modi government. “In our third term, India is set to become the world’s third-largest economy. This is Modi Ki Guarantee. In our third term, our fight against corruption is going to be more defined,” he said.

He alleged the LDF and the UDF rule have not do anything for the education system in Kerala. Narendra Modi said everyone is aware about the struggle faced by students of poor and middle- class families of the state when they attempt to pursue higher education.

“Our third term will work on the development of educational institutions in Kerala. This will pave the way for opportunities for students hailing from poor and middle-class families,” he said. 

“We live by one mantra ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas, Sabka Prayas’. For us, every community, caste, and region carry equal importance. We have always worked for the progress of every citizen. In our third term too, we will work with the same intentions,” he added.

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