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Situation in Myanmar “worrying factor” for India, Bangladesh: Hasan

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Situation in Myanmar "worrying factor" for India, Bangladesh: Hasan

Neighbours India and Bangladesh both have similar concerns regarding challenges posed by Myanmar and both should work together in tackling them, said Bangladesh’s Foreign Minister, Dr Hasan Mahmud recently. “We have junta soldiers coming into Bangladesh after fleeing Myanmar,” he stated.

Both Nations Face Similar Challenges From Myanmar

Recently, more than 350 crossed in to India. Both nations face similar challenges due to the volatility in Myanmar. These issues were discussed with National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and the Minister of External Affairs, S Jaishankar. “We should collectively work on resolving this issue,’’ said Dr. Mahmud.

He further added that they were in discussion with Myanmar too and the country was willing to take back the junta soldiers. Notably, sometime back Doval was in Bangladesh and Myanmar was one of the core areas of concern and discussion during his visit.

Anti-India Sentiments In Some Bangladeshis Is Fast Going Down

Hasan Mahmud also reaffirmed that the anti-India sentiment among some Bangladeshis is fast diminishing. He clarified that such anti-India sentiments were being played up by opposition members. They were the ones who were using offensive language and harbouring ill will against Indians. For the present government in Bangladesh, India is strong partner and friend.

“We have partnered both with India and Nepal regarding power sharing. We are purchasing power from Nepal, and we are using the grid made by India. This shows that we all work in tandem with each other,’’ he added.

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