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State Fire Department to bring helicopters for high rise

by Kolkata Today

Arriving at the annual parade at Behala Shilpara Fire Station today, Fire Minister Sujit Bose said the fire brigade is being further improved. “Thinking of bringing a helicopter. Because many high-rise buildings have been built in the city of Kolkata. There is a 62 meter ladder but also a helicopter. An 18 meter ladder will also be provided for large ladders who cannot enter small lanes.

Regarding mammoth brrakage in Trinamool ,Sujit Ghosh said that several people, including Rajiv Banerjee, were going to Delhi to join the BJP.”I’m in TMC now. I didn’t go anywhere. Rajiv is gone. It’s his personal matter. This will not have any effect on the Trinamool Congress. Mamata Banerjee is our Captain . We are working under the leadership of Captain. What has been done in Bengal has not been done in other states under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee. The governor said he had communicated with many governors about alerting government officials. I had good relations with all the governors. The statements made by the current governor are out of jurisdiction. He is talking outside the rules.”, said Bose.

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