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Suvendu Adhikary slams state government on industrialisation issues

by Kolkata Today

BJP leader Suvendu Adhikary lashes out at West Bengal government on industrial issue. For a couple of times Suvendu has taken a dig at Bengal government on failure on Industry issue. Since his coming out of Trinamool Congress, he had taken a dig on his former party a couple of times. On Sunday, before prime minister’s arrival at Haldia, Suvendu targeted Bengal govt once again.

Suvendu said, “Thousands of crore rupees had been invested in Haldia industry. This industry is dependent on the Haldia port. More than 2 lakhs workers work here while lacs of people are involved in bread and butter here through their family member. The dream which Satish Samanta dreamt of regarding Haldia port, has not came true. Because in last 9 years no industry has been established here neither any industry had came here. Employment issue had not been solved in Bengal due to Land and industry rule of West Bengal government. State should keep good relationship with central government for development but here we don’t see that. People are mislead by the state government here”.

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