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Suvendu Adhikary slams TMC on corruption issues

by Kolkata Today

Suvendu Adhikari addressed a mega rally at Baruipur. Mukul Roy, Rajib Banerjee wee also present in the rally. BJP rebel leader Suvendu Adhikari said, “This state government didn’t helped migrants during Covid19 situation. People has not forgotten. How many days there was no current in Bengal after Aamphan? Kolkata was also not having electricity for 15 days. Nabin Patnaik’s Odisha police and  army helped West Bengal to restore. Bengal and Kolkata police failed”.

Alleging corruption, Suvendu said,” Normal people didn’t get helped. But some family got 6/7 beneficiaries. After protest at Panchayat office, They allowed Modi Ji’s 5000rs. But why Rs.5000? Why not other 15000rs?”.

Targeting Trinamool Congress Adhikari added, “TMC has looted everything. They looted money during Aamphan. They looted rice during lockdown. They alleged that they are not receiving vaccination. Now they are stealing vaccine as well. Those vaccine was for doctors and Nurses”.

Targeting Mamata Banerjee and her party, Suvendu said, “Me and Sovan Chatterjee brought change in 2008 at Panchayat. We need to bring change here in Bengal in 2021. To get a corruption free Bengal we need BJP. TMC is a Pvt Ltd company  with two heads. One of them took all the honey like queen bee”.

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