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Thank God Trailer 2: Ajay Devgn and Sidharth Malhotra share ‘Thank God’ Diwali trailer amid controversies

Ajay Devgn shares 'Thank God' trailer 2

by Soumadeep Bagchi
thank god trailer 2

New Delhi, Jnn. Thank God Trailer 2: Ajay Devgan, Sidharth Malhotra and Rakul Preet Singh starrer film ‘Thank God’ was surrounded by controversies with the release of the first trailer. The makers of the film were accused of hurting the sentiments of the Kayastha community, after which there were not only demonstrations against the film in many cities, but also a demand to ban Ajay Devgan and Siddharth’s film. Now recently the new Diwali trailer of the film has been released. In this trailer, Ajay Devgan is seen in mythological avatar and speaking Sanskrit shlokas.

Ajay Devgn shares ‘Thank God’ trailer 2

The Diwali trailer of Thank God which has been released this time is quite interesting. Ajay Devgan, who plays Chitragupta in this trailer, is in a completely mythological avatar wearing a crown, wearing a dhoti, while he is in the hospital after Sidharth Malhotra’s accident. But he finds himself in Yamlok. Ajay Devgan calls him as Vatsa and utters a verse in Sanskrit, after which Siddharth gets confused and tells him that he does not know Sanskrit, after which Ajay Devgan comes in a modern avatar and tells him that so we people like this live. After which comedy scenes have been filmed between the two.

Ajay Devgan’s film will come on this OTT platform

When Siddharth asks Ajay Devgan why you are in a modern avatar, the actor tells him that you are in the era of Amazon Prime… after which Ajay Devgan plays a game with him and asks him to count his sins and virtues. It is your karma that has brought you this far. The jugalbandi between Ajay and Siddharth in this trailer is quite good. At the end of the trailer, Ajay Devgan gives a message saying that I am telling a joke, hearing which Siddharth gets angry. Ajay Devgan made it clear with this trailer that the film will be released on the OTT platform Amazon Prime after its release in theatres.

Ajay-Siddharth’s film will be released in theaters on the special occasion of Diwali

This film starring Ajay Devgan and Siddharth Malhotra will be released in theaters on October 25. Apart from these two, Rakul Preet Singh will be seen in the lead role in this film. The film is directed by Inder Kumar. Thank God is produced by Inder Kumar, Anand Pandit and Markand Adhikari along with Bhushan Kumar.

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