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The G7 want to make the world a better place with better infrastructure :Olaf Scholz

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Chancellor Olaf Scholz welcomed the heads of state and government of the G7 to the summit under the German presidency. The economically strong democracies come together in Schloss Elmau for three days. “We are united by our view of the world. We are also united by our belief in democracy and the rule of law,” said Chancellor Scholz at the beginning of the summit. That will play a major role in the deliberations.

Bilateral talks with US President Biden

On the morning of the first day of the summit, Chancellor Scholz met US President Joe Biden for bilateral talks. This was also about the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. Both agree in their assessment. “Germany and the United States will always act together when it comes to security issues in Ukraine,” said Scholz.
The G7 states have stood  together closely from the start, as have the European Union and NATO when it came to organizing support for Ukraine. According to Scholz, rocket attacks on houses in Kyiv have made it clear again that Putin is waging a brutal war. “This shows that it is right that we stand together and support the Ukrainians in defending their country, their democracy and also their freedom of self-determination,” said the Chancellor. The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will also take part virtually in the deliberations in Elmau.

Unity for solving global problems

In a first working session on Sunday, the heads of state and government of the G7 discussed global economic issues. All G7 countries are concerned about the crises that are currently to be overcome – falling growth rates in some countries, rising inflation, shortages of raw materials and disruption to supply chains. These are no small challenges and it is therefore important to share responsibility, said Scholz.
“The G7 are a good community to develop joint responses to the challenges of our time. It is important that we act decisively and also as a unit. Both belong together,” said the Chancellor.

Partnership for global infrastructure and investments

On the first day of the summit, the G7 also made it clear that they wanted to jointly invest in global infrastructure. Together with US President Biden, Chancellor Scholz presented the partnership for global infrastructure and investments . “The G7 want to make the world a better place with better infrastructure,” said the Chancellor. The G7 infrastructure initiative builds on strong regional initiatives such as the EU Global Gateway Initiative and the work of all G7 members – another example of the close cooperation between the G7 countries.

“Progress for a Just World”

Further working sessions will deal with questions of investments in global infrastructure, foreign and security policy, and climate protection. The G7 summit will also deal with the global consequences of the war in Ukraine : rising energy prices, scarce raw materials and the threat of global famine. Many countries in the south of the world are still struggling with the consequences of the pandemic. The Federal Government has therefore deliberately invited influential representatives of the Global South to Elmau.
A strong, rules-based international order is not achievable without solidarity and cooperation among the world’s democracies, including beyond the G7 . Global partnerships and initiatives are needed to make real progress on the important challenges of the future world. That’s why the G7 members in Elmau aren’t just keeping to themselves – Germany has invited five partner countries that stand for freedom and the rule of law to the summit: Argentina, India, Indonesia, Senegal and South Africa.


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