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TMC has lost its popularity :Sovan Chatterjee

by Kolkata Today

Sovan chatterjee and Baisakhi Banerjee leads BJP roadshow along with BJP MP of Barackpore Arjun SIngh.

Hundreds of BJP workers walked in the rally. Sovan Chatterjee has become observer of the Kolkata zone. Lots of people gathered from surrounding places to see their leader. The roadshow started from Baranagar Tobin Road, while it ended in Belgharia Rathtala.

Sovan Chatterjee after the roadshow said,”TMC has lost its popularity. If anyone wants to join BJP we will welcome them. I am grateful to BJP that they took me in the party. Who signed first while establishing Trinamool Congress after parting ways from Congress?”.

Targeting Mamata Banerjee, Sovan added,” Mamata Banerjee’s government has done everything that people dislike. She used to oppose many things but since she came to power, those corruptio started. The time has come. Mamata Banerjee’s constituency is now not a safe place for Trinamool Congress. She will very soon come go to Jagdeep Dhankar and give her resignation”.


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