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TMC MP Saugata Roy slams actor Rudranil Ghosh

by Kolkata Today

Trinamool Congress and INTTUC organised a protest rally against Centre’s Farm Bill at Alam Bazar more. TMC MP Sougata Roy, mla Purnendu Bose, Dola Sen were present at the protest rally. From the rally, TMC MP Sougata Roy said,”If BJP can, let them do a bigger rally than this. If BJP creates violence at Alambazaar, then they will not be spare. Bjp will not be able to score a three digit number in Bengal. There may be many workers issue in jute Mills, but won’t shut those mills”.

Speaking on Rudranil Ghosh, TMC MP said,”He came in party for his benifit. He got 70 thousands salary. Who is Rudranil? Is he MLA or MP?”. Speaking on Laxmiratan Shukla, TMC veteran leader Roy said,” I had a chat with him. Se said that he is leaving the party but won’t unfollow Mamata Banerjee. He just don’t want to do politics so he is going back to sports”.

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