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Tollywood celebrities Dipankar Dey ,Bharat Kaul joins TMC

by Kolkata Today

Eminent tollywood personalities joins Trinamool Congress. On Friday veteran actor Dipankar Dey joined Trinamool congress. Actor Bharat Kaul, Lovely Maitra with also joined Trinamool Congress along with Ustad Rashid Khan’s daughter Shaona Khan. Trinamool youth leader and actor Soham was also present at the Trinamool Bhavan at the time of their joining. TMC MLA and state Minister Bratya Basu handed the party flags to Dipankar Dey and other celebrities.

Dipankar Dey said after joining,” I was with Trinamool Congress for years. But due to physical problems, I was not able to join the party actively. Chief minister has given me Bangabhusan and Bangabibhusan award, which is a big achievement for me. State government helped me when I was hospitalised. So I can’t betray with them”.

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