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Trinamool Congress means corruption :Suvendu Adhikary

by Kolkata Today

BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari addressed mega rally at Kalna. While targetting the state government Suvendu said,” Bhartiya Janta party has called for a change. We will be in the roads for the benifit of the farmers. We have started Aar Noy Onyay campaign”.

Suvendu added,” I was there in the party for 21 years. Last year I joined Bhartiya Janta party. No one can work in the Trinamool Congress party. This is the reason why so many wickets are falling. They all are depressed on their party”.

Speaking on corruption of Trinamool Congress, Adhikari added,” State government tried to steal money. So they asked to give the amount to be distributed to farmers in state government’s fund. But we will not them take cut money. So we are giving it directly to account of farmers. Farmers will not only get 6000, but also 14000 will be recovered”.

Adhikari raised his voice further against Trinamool and said,” Trinamool Congress means corruption. They are involved in cattle smuggling of Enamul. They are involved with Lala. In the Youth Trinamool there is scam going on as well. We will not let that go on”.

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