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Ustad Rashid Khan: ‘Aaoge Jab Tum’ Singer Passes Away at 55

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Ustad Rashid Khan: 'Aaoge Jab Tum' Singer Passes Away at 55

Ustad Rashid Khan, renowned vocalist of the Rampur- Sahaswan gharana, passed
away in Kolkata today. He had been battling cancer for a while and had to be put on
ventilator support in a private hospital in Kolkata.

Ustad Rashid Khan was the grandson of Inayat Hussain Khan and was married to Soma Khan. All through his life,
he played an important role in carrying forward the musical richness of his gharana.
His early musical tutelage was under the guidance of his maternal grand-uncle, Ustad
Nissar Hussain Khan (1909-1993). Additionally, Ustad Rashid Khan was the nephew of the
illustrious Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan. His connection to a lineage of musical virtuosos
was rich and profound.

Ustad Rashid Khan was admitted to the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU), where he was placed on
ventilation and oxygen support as his condition deteriorated. The medical professionals
attending to him kept closely monitoring his health, but unfortunately, could not see him

Ustad Rashid Khan’s contribution to classical music has been immense, earning him
widespread acclaim and respect. He had mastery over the art form and an abiding
fascination for his tradition, making him the rare perfectionist in the musical landscape. As
the torchbearer of the Rampur-Sahaswan Gharana, Ustad Rashid Khan’s musical concerts
and tours were eagerly awaited by millions worldwide. His passion for preserving and propagating the rich musical heritage passed down through generations makes Ustad Rashid Khan a shining star in classical music.
Ustad Rashid Khan was 55. His demise leaves an immense void in the hearts of his fans and

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