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Inspirational story: Vikram, the late owner of 134-year-old brand Kirloskar, never considered himself ‘rich’

Vikram Died

by Soumadeep Bagchi
vijay kirloskar died

Toyota Kirloskar Motor Vice Chairman Vikram S Kirloskar has passed away on Tuesday (Toyota Kirloskar Motor Vice Chairperson Vikram S Kirloskar has died). He was 64 years old. Kirloskar is survived by his wife Gitanjali Kirloskar and daughter Manasi Kirloskar. Vikram graduated in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He held important positions in CII, SIAM and ARAI for a long time. Vikram Kirloskar led the fourth generation of his family, during which time the company saw many dimensions of growth. He was the Chairman and Managing Director of Kirloskar Systems Limited.

This August, in an exclusive interview to hellomagazine.com, Vikram Kirloskar’s better half Gitanjali revealed many important aspects of her life. The family lives in a bungalow built inside the Kirloskar Business Park in Bangalore. Vikram helped Gitanjali in decorating the house. Their beautiful bungalow has a large park with a pool and an inviting gazebo. A gazebo is a small building or space in a garden or courtyard, open on all sides, from where the view can be taken.

Geetanjali had said in the interview that he was the chief architect of his house. Under whose supervision historical colors were given to the bungalow. Most of the furniture in the bungalow was made by the famous Virasp Batliwala of Bangalore. According to Gitanjali, she worked closely with her husband Vikram, the chairman and managing director of Kirloskar Systems, to build their dream home.

Gitanjali had told in this interview that it was 40 years of his marriage, in which he was successful. Their diverse backgrounds enriched their life together, inspired by their disciplined parenting.

In the same interview, Vikram Kirloskar had said- “My life was not easy. I went to study at Lawrence School in Ooty, where I did well. Then studied at MIT. I have worked all my life. Worked right after schooling. I also worked at summer camps in the US because I needed the money to entertain myself. I used to come home only twice in six years for a vacation.”

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