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Senior Passes Away In City Hospital Due To Covid: First Case Of Casualty In 4 Months

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1st Covid casualty

A senior citizen admitted to a private city hospital and suffering from COVID and other comorbidities
passed away yesterday, marking the first COVID casualty in four months. Health department sources
said that the patient was a resident of Kolkata, aged about 71, and hospitalized in CMRI with
comorbidities. COVID was found incidentally. Bengal registered 14 fresh cases of COVID yesterday.
marking the highest spike in a day in months.

Regarding the casualty, the sources informed me that he was brought to the hospital with severe cardiac
issues and septic shock in a serious condition. Upon testing, he tested positive for COVID-19. The number of
Active COVID patients in the state now stand at 22, of which 11 have been admitted to hospitals, mostly
with comorbidities.

Fresh Cases On The Rise

There are currently two patients admitted to the ID Hospital in Beliaghata, both COVID-positive. One of
There is a 55-year-old patient with a kidney ailment who has been referred to ID Hospital by a private
hospital in Salt Lake after being tested COVID-positive. The other is a COPD patient who has both malaria and
as well as COVID.

COVID-19 will persist with a periodical uptick, like influenza. The elderly and those with comorbidities are
the most vulnerable. It is important that they adhere strictly to protective measures. This is the advice.
that leading pulmonologists are giving regarding the fresh outbreak of the disease. Private hospitals across the city are registering cases of COVID among the new patients being admitted.

Install Basic Hygiene Rules For Good Health And Prevention

It is surely time to revisit the basic rules of hygiene and protection that many of us may have forgotten.
over the months. Remember to carry your hand sanitiser around with you when you step out. Wash
hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds before returning home and eating meals. Wear masks if you
have respiratory problems or when going to crowded areas. Ensure your clothing and footwear is
disinfected regularly.

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