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Delhi Police Arrests Key Suspect in Parliament Security Breach

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Delhi Police Arrests Key Suspect in Parliament Security Breach
Mahesh Kumawat, accused in the Parliament security breach case, that happened on December 13, was
the latest arrest by the Delhi Police on Saturday. As per reports, he had come on his own to the police
station along with Jha who was arrested when it became clear that the latter was the mastermind. Till
now, a total of six have been arrested in the case. It was confirmed by the Delhi Police that Kumawat
was also a part of the conspiracy by the gang to launch an attack on the Lok Sabha. After his arrest on
Saturday, Mahesh Kumawat has been sent to 7-day police custody by a Delhi court, as per reports.
Kumawat was taken in for questioning regarding the security breach. He was later arrested by the Delhi
Police after hours of questioning.
Kumawat had come to Delhi on the day of the attack on the Parliament when two persons entered the
Lok Sabha and threw smoke bombs during the session on the anniversary of the Parliament attack.
Lalit Jha, who is supposed to be the mastermind of the entire attack, had fled to Kumawat's hideout in
Rajasthan when the police were looking for him. Kumawat was also responsible for destroying the
mobile phones of the four accused who were arrested in the Parliament security breach case on the day
of the incident.
Delhi Police officials said that Mahesh Kumawat was in contact with Neelam Devi who had been
protesting outside the Lok Sabha when her co-conspirators launched the smoke bomb attack inside the
Lok Sabha.
Mahesh's cousin Kailash is also being questioned by the Delhi Police in relation to the case, but he has
not been arrested yet.


On December 13, two men from the visitors’ gallery jumped into the well of the Lower House of the
Parliament from the public gallery above the seating and threw smoke cannisters that emitted yellow
smoke, throwing the proceedings into complete disarray.
During this time, two other members of their group, Neelam Devi, and Amol Shinde, started protesting
outside the Parliament and launched coloured smoke bombs into the air while yelling slogans,
“Tanashahi nahi chalegi.”


The police have said that the accused wanted to create anarchy in the country and draw attention and
force the government to meet their demands.

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