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Calcutta High Court Grants Bail To Sandeshkhali Ex-MLA Nirapada Sardar

The ex-MLA gets unconditional bail from Calcutta High Court 

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Calcutta High Court Grants Bail To Sandeshkhali Ex-MLA Nirapada Sardar

Former CPM MLA Nirapada Sardar, arrested earlier on charges of instigating unrest in Sandeshkhali, got unconditional bail from the Calcutta High Court on Tuesday.

The division bench expressed surprise at his arrest made on the basis of an FIR registered a day before the complaint was lodged while complaint was lodged by a local TMC leader’s friend only on February 10.

“It is surprising to the court that the police arrested a citizen on the basis of a complaint! If the police arrest someone on the basis of a complaint, why should the police not be arrested in the same process? Who will compensate a citizen who has been arrested for so long?” questioned the bench of Justices Debangshu Basak and Mohammad Shabbar Rashidi while granting unconditional bail to the Opposition politician who had represented Sandeshkhali in the West Bengal Assembly.

Sardar was arrested on February 11 from south Kolkata on the basis of a complaint lodged by Trinamool Congress leader Shivprasad Hazra’s close friend Bhanu Mandal on February 10.  Notably, the FIR in this connection had been filed on February 9, according to court sources.

Advocate Sudipta Dasgupta, who appeared for Sardar, said, “The court questioned how an FIR was filed on February 9 while the complaint filed against him on February 10? Why will the police officers who did this not be arrested?”

The High Court told the state administration that failure to release the former MLA from jail on Tuesday would amount to contempt of court. It also directed the superintendent of the police at Basirhat PS to file a report on the case.

Besides Sardar, BJP leader Bikash Singha was also arrested on charges of instigating unrest in Sandeshkhali. Three TMC leaders, Shivprasad Hazra, Ajit Maity, and Uttam Sardar, were also arrested on the basis of allegations of landgrabs and sexual assaults on women.

Sandeshkhali Remains At The Vortex Of Controversy

Sandeshkhali has been at the vortex of controversy ever since Enforcement Directorate officers went there to conduct an investigation at the home of local TMC strongman Sheikh Shajahan. The officials on duty were assaulted on January 5 by a large mob of local people who were allegedly Shajahan’s gang. The team had gone in connection with an investigation into alleged irregularities in the public distribution system. 

Within a few days, a large number of local people including several women accused Sheikh and his supporters of land-grabbing and sexual assaults.

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