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Shubhshree sweetly kisses Hubby Raj on his Birthday

by Kolkata Today

On the very special day on his birthday hubby Raj Chakraborty Shubhshree fills him with love, affection and friendship. Posting a close picture on Instagram the director is receiving innumerable best wishes on his D Day. This pair of director and heroine is everyone’s favourite in Tollywood in the name of Rajshree.

People express their curiosity about what they are doing, what they are eating, what they are wearing, where they are going. Raj-Shubhshree, of course, also enjoys this. So both of them have shared many intimate pictures of themselves on social media. They shared many moments of their lives, many things with the fans.

On top of that, today is a very special day. Social media pages have been overflowing with greetings one after another since morning. This is the first birthday of ‘Baba’ Raj after a new member came to the house. So this year is a little more special than other times.

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