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Erik ten Hag on Arsenal victory:’We scored great goals’

Manchester United have won their last four Premier League matches, after having lost their first two this season

by Kolkata Today

Manchester United have won their last four Premier League matches, after having lost their first two this season. They are only the third side in Premier League history to win four in a row after losing their opening two in a season, after Tottenham in 2011-12 and Arsenal in 2018-19.

Manchester United showed fighting spirit to pick up a 3-1 result against the Premier League leaders, with two goals from Marcus Rashford and an opener from debutant Antony.

Manchester United coach Erik ten Hag celebrated a huge victory over Arsenal,also confident to get more out of his side in the coming matches .

After the match Manchester United coach said,“I thought our start was really good. I think it was the best [first] ten minutes until now. We were really dominant in the opponents’ half. And then the cancelled goal from a little break, we had a little bit of losing composure and that’s not necessary. We have to get in the game, keep going, play our game and everyday we learn that. And as you saw, there was a good team on the pitch, good team spirit. Also with pressing, maybe not always the good routines, but they [the players] fought, they recovered. Arsenal created chances, but I think we also did, especially on the break. We scored great goals.”

On Antony’s debut,he said ,“I think we have already seen what a threat he is. Speed and creativity are a real threat in the Premier League. And he is a part of it. And I think we missed a player on the right wing because all the players that can play there like Jadon Sancho, like Marcus Rashford, prefer more the centre or the left side. Now, we have the one who can play really good over the right wing, so there was a missing link. Now, today’s first performance here, he did well, but he can step up. I know him from Amsterdam. I know this is a different league, but there is potential and he will get that. He will be even better than he was today. But I would say today already, it was a great goal. Although, I must mention all the goals today were team goals.”

On spirited Manchester United ,
“I must say Arsenal played well, but we defend well. And I never had the feeling they would break us. And they had good possession, a lot of movement and creativity. But we had a good defending line, but we defend as a team with all eleven [players]. But still, we can have better pressing organisation, we can keep them further away from our goal and control them very well. We need a little more composure on the ball. And you can control and dictate the game even more,”Erik ten Hag said .

On Rashford double…
“He was brilliant. It was a really great performance from him. As a striker, he was pressing. But also, when we played it over him and he was the target, he made the right decisions. For instance, also with the goal for Antony. Finally, he was twice in behind and finished. It was a great performance and I’m really happy because he has invested a lot.”
On players eager to improve …
“I think [they are]. And it has to be also the fact. You want to get that culture because we also know we are just at the start. There is a long way to go and we have to get better because good is not good enough,”Erik ten Hag added.


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