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Marvel Superhero Shang Chi Dancing in Desi Bhangra

by Soumadeep Bagchi

Tesher and Simu Liu collaborating was unexpected, but fans were waiting for the “Shang Chi” star to do bhangra movements to “Jalebi Baby” at the Juno Awards on Sunday.



Hitesh Sharma, better known by his stage as Tesher, made his JUNOS debut with the single “Jalebi Baby,” which has gone popular on TikTok in the previous year. The song combines Punjabi-English vocals and a remixed verse by Jason Derulo, and is named after the crunchy, syrupy South Asian treat jalebi.




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But when Derulo was unable to perform alongside Tesher in the opening performance of the Toronto-based awards presentation, the evening’s emcee, the Chinese-Canadian actor, stepped in.


Tesher began the song by naming a variety of classic Indian desserts (including kulfi, rasmalai, and pista barfi), before Liu joined in the second verse. The two then danced across the stage with a group of South Asian dancers.

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Someone commented, “Simu Liu’s ‘I Am Canadian’ speech was great…but his backing up Tesher on ‘Jalebi Baby’ was even better.” “That is truly Canadian.”

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