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A chargesheet has been filed in Poonam’s name for dancing naked in Goa!

by Kolkata Today

Poonam Pandey frequently challenges you to be nude. Sometimes it’s to the cricket team, and other times it’s to keep oneself from exiting the reality show. And because of this nudity, the model-actress found herself in a legal quagmire. Poonam and her ex-husband Sam Bomb have been charged by Konkan police.


She travelled to Goa after getting married in 2020. Sam and Poonam are a couple. At the Chapoli Dam, they made a video while nude. They do ‘obscene’ dances in the dam’s water. The event was reported to the Konkan Judicial Magistrate, who filed a complaint. The photoshoot’s footage quickly went viral on social media. A sizable portion of the population disagreed. After then, the cops were called in to help. Poonam and Sam were publicly accused of indecency.


Despite the fact that Poonam and Sam no longer live together. He charged the groom with physical and emotional abuse in 2021. Sam is said to have murdered his victim and severed his head.


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He was regularly overheard discussing the torture even after attending the ‘Lock Up’ event. ‘This jail, this food, this sleep is a luxury to me,’ Poonam remarked. I couldn’t sleep for four years of my life. I haven’t eaten in a long time and am tempted to overeat. I had been defeated. I was confined to my home. My phone had malfunctioned. As a result, I’m unable to contact anyone. Then I had the idea of killing myself.’

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