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Ayodhya: Hanuman Garhi’s Besan Laddoos To Get a GI Tag

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Ayodhya’s Famous Hanuman Garhi's Besan Laddoos To Get a GI Tag

An application for obtaining a GI tag for Ayodhya’s Famous Hanuman Garhi’s Besan Laddoos has been filed according to a GI expert. Rajnikant, who has the achievement of enabling over 30 products to obtain the GI tag has informed us that the
application has been filed and soon the world will receive besan laddoos from Hanuman Garhi with GI accreditation.

Rajnikant, who has enabled GI tags for various products over categories that include handicrafts, handlooms, fruits, and vegetables, said that the application has been filed with financial support of SIDBI while the application has been filed by his team and Halwai Kalyan Samiti Ayodhya is the applicant. The application that was sent to the GI registry office in Chennai has been accepted and the GI application number is 1168. “As the application has been accepted by the GI office, the laddoos will get a GI tag soon,” he is confident.

What Is GI?

A geographical indication (GI) tag is a name or sign used on specific products that are identifiable with a particular geographical location or origin. The GI tag guards a particular product and enables only authorised users or those residing in the geographical territory to use it. It also protects the product from being copied or imitated by others. It has also come to represent a distinctive label of a product. Some examples are Darjeeling tea, Bikaneri bhujia, Nappur orange etc.

Besan Laddoos Of Hanuman Garhi

The sweetmeat is offered as Prasad at Hanuman Mandir as it is considered a favourite of Shri Hanuman. A rich golden yellow-brown in colour, its distinct taste comes from the use of pure ghee, special mishri in place of ordinary sugar, and coarser granules of besan. There are several sweet shops in Ayodhya that sell authentic besan laddoos to be offered at the temple, and visiting pilgrims and tourists usually carry back boxes for their friends and family. Ayodhya, as a city, is revered for being the birthplace of Shri Ram and besan laddoos are intrinsically intertwined with the cultural and spiritual tapestry of the place.

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