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“Bengal has failed in employment”- Dilip Ghosh

by Kolkata Today

BJP State President and MP Dilip Ghosh slams TMC government on development and unemployment issue. Dilip Ghosh alleged, lakhs of youth are going to other states for job. This is current government’s failure. Dilip Ghosh said,”This Bengal has given IAS, IPS, Actor, Judges, Doctors to India. But now this Bengal has become labour hub. Due to the current government, Bengal is failing employment. More than 40 lakh young boys and girls are going to other states for their bread and butter”.

Alleging administrative officers for partiality, Ghosh said,”The officers who were in various departments are thief. They are showing partiality all over. When someone speaks truth and courage, they are arrested. This is how Bengal is ruled now. In this Bengal is you can say yes sir, yes Madam, you will be promoted”.

Speaking on making development in Bengal, Dilip Ghosh said, “We will build Sonar Bangla. The sonar Bangla which everyone dreams about. You will not need to give donation to school, college, for admission. You can’t give your vote in Bengal now”.

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