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Chae Pe Charcha with Arindam Sil ;Sparks Political Speculations

by Kolkata Today

Tollywood film director Arindam Sil  meets with BJP leader Shankudev Panda in a Tea Chat on Monday. This news comes just within a couple days of Yash Dasgupta, Hiran Chatterjee’s joining in Bhartiya Janta party. His meet with Shankudev Panda has raised rumours whether he is likely to join the saffron party. Shankudev too indicated that in social Networking site though Arindam Seal rubbished the claim.

After meeting with Arindam Sil , BJP leader Shankudev Panda shared a picture of their tea chat. In the caption, Shankudev wrote,”Chae Pe Charcha with Arindam Da today evening. Had a discussion on Golden Bengal”.

Though Arindam Sil  dismissing the chances of him to join BJP said,”I know Shankudev for a long time. I had long discussion with him while having tea. If he shares one picture that doesn’t mean that I am joining BJP. I am not coming to politics now. I only understand film, so I want to focus on that”.

He added,”If I wished to join politics, I would have done that earlier. I am quite aware of the society. I don’t want to join politics now. Even if I attend government programs that doesn’t means I am in ruling party. You need proper planning and practice to join politics, which I haven’t done”.

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