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Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Marches with Women Ahead of Women’s Day: Declares “Bengal is Safest for Women”

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West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday accused the Bharatiya

Janata Party (BJP) of spreading false information about Sandeshkhali, where women
have accused TMC leaders of sexual abuse. She emphasised that the state is the
‘safest place’ in the country for women in a direct challenge to BJP’s claims. The chief
minister was speaking at a rally in Kolkata today.
Stoic silence about women’s atrocities in states ruled by BJP: Mamata Banerjee
“Certain people are spreading fake information about Sandeshkhali. BJP leaders are
spreading canards about the safety of women in West Bengal. However, they maintain a
stoic silence when women are tortured in states where the BJP is in power.. I challenge
BJP – Bengal is the only place where women are safe,” said Mamata Banerjee while
addressing a rally of women supporters.
In her speech, the chief minister highlighted incidents of violence against women in
other BJP-ruled states and raised questions about their reaction.“Where were you when
women were paraded naked in Manipur, when a woman was raped and her body
forcibly cremated in Hathras? Have you forgotten Bilkis (Bano)?” questioned the TMC
According to some media reports, some women from Sandeshkhali also participated in
the march that was named “Mahilader Adhikar, Amader Angikar” (women’s rights, our
commitment). Notably, Sandeshkhali has been in the news as the place where alleged
atrocities were carried out on women by local TMC leaders.
Women Trinamool leaders, including Sushmita Dev, Shashi Panja, and newly-elected
Rajya Sabha MP and journalist Sagarika Ghose were a part of the event. Mamata
Banerjee’s nephew and TMC national
Responding to former Calcutta High Court judge Abhijit Gangopadhyay joining the BJP
earlier today, Mamata expressed her skepticism about expecting justice from one
affiliated with the BJP. She accused the former judge of “taking away jobs from

thousands of youths through his judgments”. “A BJP babu was sitting on the bench.
Now, he has joined the BJP. How can you expect justice?” she questioned.
Prime Minister’s criticism of Sandeshkhali during recent rallies

Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticised the party over alleged sexual assaults in

Sandeshkhali during his recent rallies in the state. He had said that the women’s anger
would not be limited to Sandeshkhali but would sweep through West Bengal. He
condemned the Trinamool Congress for failing to address the “pain of the victims” and
accused the Mamata-led government of shielding the culprits.
“TMC has committed a grave sin by torturing mothers and sisters. Any head will hang in
shame what happened in Sandeshkhali. But, the TMC is not bothered about your pain.
The TMC government is using all its strength to shield the culprits. However, the state
government first got a shock from the Calcutta High Court and then the Supreme
Court,” Modi noted.

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